Tips & Tricks

Great ideas to help you have the best experieince using the app.


starting your first project

This tutorial will walk you through step by step, all the cool features of the Specifix App for you to create your first project. 

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Once you open you Specifix app, select any product, style and color. Select CAPTURE and fill in your scene before browsing other products.You will be able to see other products easier when they fill in your entire scene.

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LIGHTING: Good lighting is your friend. Boundaries are found easier when your scene is well lit.

ANGLE: Experiment with different camera angles to get the best product application.

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The app is limited to the distance product will fill in. Experiment with different camera angles to achieve the best possible outcome before selecting CAPTURE.

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To review your image, touch DONE to see the before and after images. If any product is missing touch <BACK. Then touch ADJUST AREA. move your image up and down to expose entire scene.

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Hold your iDevice as still as possible when you touch the CAPTURE button, especially for indoor or low light images. Your image will be nice and sharp when you do. You can't break it, so try as often as you like until your satisfied.

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Send yourself an email with the before and after images. Save your email in a project folder for safe keeping. Resend/forward/admire your masterpiece to friends/family and say, “I did that!”.......Yes you did!

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We have provided a cool “target box” to help you and the algorithm get started.

  1. Tap to move the target box to the largest area to be filled in.
  2. Touch Capture.
  3. Use the FIND FLOOR and ADJUST AREA to finish the work. 

See! Less work.

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YOU CAN (always) GO <BACK

<BACK has two functions.

  1. Before you select DONE you can start over.
  2. After you select DONE you can select new products.

If you simply want to change product, style or color before you select DONE, simply tap PRODUCT or STYLE underneath the DONE button.

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For cluttered scenes, use the ERASE feature to expose areas around objects. Use FIND FLOOR and/or ADJUST AREA to fill back in. Adding product is easier when you have complete visibility of objects you are working around. Don’t be afraid to erase outside the lines - have some fun!

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Let’s color outside the lines ... right? CAPTURE your image, select a product, style, color and touch ADJUST AREA. Freehand draw your rug or pathway wherever you want. Send these images to your local dealer and let them be amazed by your creative vision and talent!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 4.38.27 PM.png


WOW! The app works on 2-dimensional images.Simply angle your camera as if you were in the room. When your satisfied with the right angle - get started!

TIP: Try and avoid any background reflections or hotspots from overhead lighting.

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All of us at Specifix have “fat fingers”. We recommend using a stylus whenever possible to provide greater detail and control. None-the-less, we have become very adapt at making use of our fingers with great success.